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It set right after you are able to save at the execution.

If i had to split my numbered saves between xbox360 and PC, i say i roughly would have over 1000.

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In other words, global life satisfaction will be related to a person's tendency to approach or avoid life.

Barnett and Baruch (1985) have suggested that female college students may experience negative consequences from assuming more roles and increasing life demands.

There are plenty of men who've a rough time seducing girls while there are boys who, immediately, can turn girls' heads around.

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It is probably very foolish of me, but to this day I don't use Mod Organizer. If it is to inevitably crash, it has to be beyond the 3 hour mark.

I wouldn't know because I can't get myself to play that long.

I have my original save on xbox360 numbered 001 dating 11/11/2011.

That was because I had some computer problems that resulted in building a new one.

I did the Civil war once for each side, and I never did all the faction stuff. Recovery was easy the second time I installed since I backed up my characters' Racemenu preset and file data.