Dating men with dogs Cam2camadult

One guy said he'd rather date a woman with a child than a dog.

Today, it's becoming very common to meet women who own dogs.

But when there is a third furry guy in there with you, it makes cuddling that much better. He has no qualm speaking baby-talk Not only can he take care of himself, but he also has the capacity to care of someone else.When you speak, he knows exactly what you’re talking about. “You should be sure the person you’re dating is as into animals as you are,” says Malkin. If a man was going to date her, then he’d better love that dog, too.” Sullivan had two dogs of his own and needed to find someone who’d love his pups as much as he did.Online dating allows people to be pet-specific by weeding out potential guys or gals who do or don’t like animals. “Four years later, we married and happily merged our doggy family as sort of a furry Brady Bunch,” he says.Would you date someone who didn’t love pets as much as you do? Read on for a deeper look into how we let our four-legged friends drive our dating life—and why that’s a doggone good a walk in any city park and you’ll see plenty of singles with their loved ones on a short leash — literally.For those who think of their dogs and cats as their furry kids, it makes sense to date only fellow pet lovers, or those who are at least willing to come second, right behind Fido or Fluffy.