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On a frigid February day in Toronto, the parka-clad crew of “The Handmaid’s Tale” is trying to keep the flowers from dying.

The outwardly demure Handmaid Offred (Elisabeth Moss), clad in her red robe and white hat, is visiting an outdoor market.

“I just think I don’t want to speak.” It was because I know Moss that I was flying down there.

My wife, the fashion designer Bella Freud, has done shows with her and is a friend; I worked with Keith Richards on his memoir, and Moss is more or less a member of his family. Of all the supermodels of the 1990s, Moss has emerged at the top of the heap, certainly in terms of cultural importance.

There’s a difference between me and what I do.” She didn’t want to “blab,” the way actors and actresses have to do for their movies, about their lives.

“There’s nothing, really, to say about what I do,” she said.

you sort of withdraw and you sort of get into all the things you think make you weird, like ' I'm really into playing XBOX . [or my] record collection.' You sort of disappear into the things that you think are just your hobbies." "It must be so shocking to the woman because you're this guy who is so super-attentive in the beginning . "I feel bad for everyone I've gone out with," Armisen said. He was previously married to English singer and songwriter Sally Timms from 1998 to 2004, but told Stern their marriage was "more for her green card." PHOTOS: Hollywood's ugliest divorces Shortly after splitting from Moss, Armisen began dating his costar Abby Elliott. The coworkers ended things on "so-so terms." Though Elliott, 25, has since left the show, Armisen said, "Once in a while, it would kind of be a little weird at work, but I have to say for the most part it was fine.

It’s a big commitment to take on the lead in a new series, so Moss was careful about her first major post-“Mad Men” choice.

“They offered it to me back when I was in Australia doing ‘Top of the Lake,’ and it took me about a month really to have all the conversations I needed to have,” Moss says.

Towards the end of season five, Peggy accepts a job offer from another agency, CGC, and quits her job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

However, following a merger between SCDP and CGC, Peggy finds herself working again with Don Draper.