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They don't hold a candle to Michael Scott and his... So don't play a part when you find yourself pursuing someone.

More recently was his short-lived relationship with Carol, a real estate agent who wasn't nearly has interested in him as he was in her. When he Photoshopped his face over her ex-husband in some old family photos. Their courtship was fast but unforced, sweet and goofy and—crucial for Michael—mutual. Michael didn't try too hard to impress Holly and, because of that, her immediate attraction to him was completely genuine.

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At the end of the series, Stanley has retired and moved to a little house on the edge of the Everglades.

After 148 episodes as Michael Scott, Carell decided it was time for him to leave the show, and it’s unknown who will replace him — or how the show will fare without him.

So, we figured now was as good a time as any to watch over every episode of and rank the characters (who have appeared in at least ten episodes) from least funniest to most hilarious.

Memes, Michael Scott, and Sorry: Worlds greatest regiona branch manager dogsbeingbasic Look human, I have found a stick Sorry Michael Scott you're off the team.

@x__social_butterfly__x posts hilarious animal memes. Dating, Memes, and Michael Scott: The four phases of dating me as told by Michael Scott facial expressions @thedryginger they go from happy to exasperated incredibly quickly.