My dropbox is not updating

Dropbox appears to be having significant issues as users have experienced slow speeds and/or inability to access their files for at least nine hours.

my dropbox is not updating-4

When it appears on the Dropbox icon in your system tray or menu bar, it means your Dropbox is fully synced.

Dropbox Folder Sync: Sync or Unsync a folder by just selecting an option from the right click popup/context menu. Dropboxifier: An application to help you create and manage Dropbox links across multiple machines. Sync Toy: Makes an always-up-to-date copy of one folder with a folder in your Dropbox.

This keeps 2 copies of the folder on your computer.

Dropbox is an online storage service which focuses on online backup, file sharing and file synchronization.

To synchronize files between the online storage and a mobile device or PC, Dropbox offers a special application.

My dropbox is not updating