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You will only encounter an error when your app executes lines of code belonging to the automation app which isn't installed. In short; AJAX is about loading data in the background and display it on the webpage, without reloading the whole page.Note: You CAN open and use VB 02/03 Examples in VB 05, VB 08, and VB 2010.You will just have to go through a simple automated upgrade process...When installing i Tunes, it also installs an Outlook add-in called Outlook Change Notifier.Version had several issues which caused Outlook 2000 to crash on startup and the Auto Complete function no longer functioning as it should.Even if you decide to go this route, it's worth understanding what is happening behind the scenes in an object-oriented language like VB. I think that as a programmer, it's important to understand what's going on and what exactly your tools are doing for you, even if you decide to use them.And for what it's worth, I do not recommend this as a "best practice" because I feel that it tends towards obscurity and clean object-oriented code/design.

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Late binding means you can do not have to concern yourself with what version of other software, such as Word, Excel or Outlook, being installed on the target system.

This page contains a list of examples that is compatible with Visual Basic. The code for some of the examples could be similar to each version.

But Visual Basic 2005 projects will not open in VB. The VB 2005 and VB 2008 o NLY listing it near the bottom of this page.

Both these issues have been corrected with i Tunes version

The original issue was caused by the Outlook Change Notifier add-in not letting Outlook to shut down gracefully anymore.